River transport: the life of riparians in northern Brazil.

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Approximately 12% of the planet’s surface fresh water flows in Brazilian rivers. The Amazon region, for example, holds the largest river basin in the world, and the main rivers are the Amazon, which initially receives the name of Solimões, and the Rio Negro. The riverside inhabitants of the Amazon and Pará, in general, are traditional people living from subsistence handicrafts, fishing and agriculture. Many people live on the banks of rivers, without access to road, rail or air transport – the river, so it plays a key role in the life of the riverside. It is through this that the links between the localities with the use of rafts and boats are established as the only means of transport. The river is your street. It is also in that the riverside perform one of the main activities that provides them source of income and survival: fishing. For the riverside, the important thing is to be able to get around the calm and deep waters of the rivers, but with an economic boat and that is adaptable to the lifestyle of the region. The most popular and cost-effective engines are VANT V4T petrol engines: 5.5HP, 6.5HP and 7HP, as well as having an easy-start, low maintenance system, Low noise level, they are fast, economical and with robust internal parts, which assures an assertiveness at the time of the acquisition of an engine that meets all expectations in relation to the wishes of this consumer. UAV: We are also in the north. #avantecomVant


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