Gasoline Engines: The History of OHV Technology.

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Starting in 1983, the OHV system (valves in the head) was the result of a 3-year research and development work. Engineer Yonekazu Uetsuji had modified the traditional OHC system (side valves) by OHV (overload valve) in the engine line. With this advancement, the engine was able to achieve a significant increase in performance, increasing power by 30%, and reducing fuel consumption by 30% and very significantly oil consumption to less than 50%. Currently the technology has been popularized, and consumers value these characteristics very much in the engines. The line of VANT V4T engines has been developed for this system and when using this same line of OHV technology in the motor pumps and generators we provide customers with fuel economy because the combustion chamber is smaller compared to the OHC, guaranteed the same or even A better performance, making the customer also contribute indirectly to the care for the environment and yet, making the most of their engine.


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