The success of all harvests depends on a common choice: the right equipment.

Thinking in this, the company DISPACE DISTRIBUIDORA DE PEÇAS works to delivery efficient solutions to the fields and farmers of the whole country.

Located in the city of Concórdia (state of Santa Catarina), the company has been in the market since 1998, specializing in the trading of engines, water pump and generators, diesel and gasoline, parts for chainsaws, brushcutters, lawn mowers and high pressure washers .

In constant search for innovation, it began its activities in Curitiba, capital of Paraná, in 2010. Due to the great demand, it now also works with commercial partners that extend to India, China, Italy and also Taiwan.

The expansion in the segment made the DISPACE company develop its own product line: VANT POWER PRODUCTS. The brand is the result of intense research work in partnership with international engineers, being recognized by the complete set of evaluations and inspections of professionals, offering its customers extended warranty and performance excellence.

From city to country, the DISPACE company works responsibly, with innovative ideas and ideals, standing out as one of the main suppliers of agricultural machinery and parts in Brazil.

 At the beginning it was an idea and many dreams, inspired by agribusiness and everything of which it is part.
Almost two decades later, it remains the center of everything. Machines, generators, agricultural motors, water pump, parts and components are our essence.


Offer products with excellent quality, promoting continuous improvement and results for the organization, aiming at the credibility of the own brand, customer satisfaction, employee appreciation and the development of society.


To obtain national and international recognition for the consolidation of its own brand VANT.



Responsibility: to fulfill its role with security, aiming to guarantee that its delivery generates results for all.

Flexibility: to make agile, coherent and flexible decisions that preserve collective interest. Experience changes in a constructive way according to the interests of our customers and the company.

Innovation: the continuous search for solutions aimed at improving the functionality and effectiveness of our products and processes;

Trust and Integrity: that all our relations be based on honesty, respect, justice and a commitment to open dialogue and transparency.

Value people: Build a work environment that values the human being, respect the differences and contribute to the personal and professional development of all.

Sustainability: economic, social and environmental.





  • Make the Company an exciting place to work.
  • Always look for growth and learning.
  • Overcoming the creation of value expected by stakeholders.
  • Create open and honest professional relationships.
  • Do more, use less.
  • Be humble.